Mission and Vision


"Connecting our world to Christ" is our vision statement and will be the basis for all ministry of the church. Everything we do will be to connect people to Christ. Our goal is to create a healthy Assembly of God church where everyone feels welcome and anyone can attend. The manner and methods used to demonstrate the love of Christ will vary.


We exist to connect the unconnected by creating a safe place to find and follow Jesus then reciprocate the love of Christ to our world.
Hope for the future, opportunities to succeed financially while providing for their families, career planning, and health education are the needs unique to our community. Our parent church has offered many resources toward meeting these needs. Local agencies such as the City of Vernon, the Washington County Health Department, One Stop Career Center, Panhandle Technical College, the local School Board, and the local public schools, are all invaluable organizations with which we can collaborate to help meet the needs of our community. Changed lives and people growing in Christ while their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs are being met rejuvenates the entire community, allowing folks to think outside of themselves to fulfill the great commission. We want people to find “hope” in Christ while becoming a conduit of God’s love.