Weekly Notes

Convoy of Hope

Prayer Request

A boy is preparing for a very different school year. Will be in a new location unlike anything he has faced before.

1 girl moved back to Texas after 2 years in Chipley. She is very scared because she was so bullied last time, it made her very desperate.

1 boy has struggled every year to fall into a group that would help keep him grounded in his faith rather than pulling him away. Says there is no one at his school that believes that way.

1 girl that has struggled with her grades and I know that it really bothers her. She is a great girl. She tries to make a light of it but you can see that it hurts her that she doesn’t do better.

1 boy that graduated this past year headed off to boot camp.

Many starting college this year.

Many that are in high school but will be taking college classes this year for the first time.

There are so many that aren’t living with their parents for one reason or another. We are seeing some of the big issues that come from that. We need to pray that they will find the true source of love so they will stop searching in other places.

Teachers and Staff - for health and safety, strength and wisdom.